Dental Staff Training in Pensacola, FL

It is literally impossible for a dentist to keep an eye on the staff members at all times. A dentist’s primary job is to take care of the patient’s dental needs, meaning they are not able to monitor most staff members fully. All it takes is one negative employee to cost a practice thousands of dollars in lost patients, loss, and even theft.

Business Consulting & Staff Training

Luckily, experienced dental consultants like Joshua Hartigan are here to help! Starting with observation and meeting with the dentist, Joshua can come up with a customized plan to help improve the dental practice’s staff. From simple elements like training the staff to be more organized or warmer with patients to more difficult tasks such as a full staff retrain, a consultant is indispensable for dental staff training in Pensacola.

Oftentimes, the dentist is not comfortable being the “bad guy” that tries to retrain the staff, but through working with a dental consultant, you can ensure that the changes you want are implemented, and you can still remain the “good guy” to your staff. In addition, through follow-ups, your consultant can ensure that the newly implemented systems stay in place even while the dentist is not present.

A dental practice transition can be a stressful time for all involved, but through working with a dental consultant, it can be a very positive experience. Through dental staff training in Pensacola, your consultant can help to eliminate some of the bad practices of the retained staff members to ensure that they meet the new goals and systems put in place.