Dental Inventory Control in Pensacola, FL

When a business is not performing well, many will look to larger expenses to improve the situation. However, many will ignore something that they consider small and insignificant: inventory control. When neglected, the dental inventory control can leave too much money tied up and can lead to staggering losses.

Here are several factors of inventory control in Pensacola that a dental consultant can assist with:

  • Expiring Products – While it is important to have enough of each product in the dental office, too many products that expire can certainly hurt a business.
  • Over-ordering – Without a dental inventory control system in place, it’s easy for products to get lost. In addition, the extra money tied up in inventory can be better used elsewhere.
  • Sales Reps/New Products – Many dentists are taken in with new products that a sales rep is pushing. A dental consultant can help you make informed decisions about any new product by weighing the pros and cons of the new item.
  • Bulk Ordering – While having too many expired products can hurt a business, deals can often be struck when ordering large amounts of products that you use often. A dental consultant can help mitigate the process.
  • Training – Creating a successful system for dental inventory control is all well and good, but if the staff does not follow through, then it is not effective. Joshua will work to ensure the implementation with the staff, so they are fully on board with the expectations of inventory management.