Increase PPO Reimbursements - Pensacola, FL

Are you tired of constantly being exploited by insurance providers and writing off excessive amounts of your practice’s earnings?

Believe it or not, the days of having no say over your increased PPO reimbursements are over! Allow our dental business consultant in Pensacola to do a free analysis of your practice and start you along the path to increasing your PPO collections.

The Preferred free Schedule is a pre-negotiated free schedule that may be available to you to collect at a higher rate. Additionally, this only requires one credentialing process for all of your PPO providers. (*Requires cancellation of existing contracts in order to enter new free level)

Free Consolidation is a service that takes your existing PPO reimbursements and aligns all of the varying reimbursement rates at the highest possible rate. This may be more advantageous if your practice is unable to cancel contracts at this time.