Fifteen Reasons Annual Dental Practice Retreats Are No-Brainers!

Fifteen Reasons Annual Dental Practice Retreats Are No-Brainers!

Mar 10, 2018

When approached with the idea of a retreat for a dental practice’s staff, many dentists will argue that losing a day’s worth of income to sit around and talk with the staff does not seem productive. Some feel like the idea is counterproductive, but team retreats can have much longer lasting impacts above and beyond one day’s worth of income. Creating a cohesive team is invaluable to the successful operation of a business.

Payoffs of Dental Practice Retreats:

  • Helps employees to understand the pressures of owning a practice and how complex the process can be
  • Employees gain a better respect for their coworkers and leaders
  • Understanding the business better helps employees to make better decisions, leading to employees who work harder and miss work less often
  • More effective communication and less drama and politics
  • Employees who better understand their responsibilities, which creates a more enjoyable work environment for everyone

Human Resource studies have shown the successful link between a positive work environment and activities like a retreat. Further evidence can be seen by taking a look at some of the largest and most successful companies in the world… the vast majority use retreats as a successful team building exercise.

In fact, once the first retreat occurs, many employees look forward to the retreat the following year. Employees have stated that they appreciate the chance to learn and bond without being distracted and without the phones ringing. It offers a helpful time for everyone to brainstorm, problem solve and discuss what they can improve together.

Retreats force the staff to look at their dental practice from a different perspective. It can also be an opportunity for staff members who rarely work together to form a bond and get to know each other.