Dental Treatments & Post-Treatment Recovery Issues

Dental Treatments & Post-Treatment Recovery Issues

Oct 09, 2018

Have you recently had dental treatment performed or are planning on having treatment in the near future? Not quite sure what the risks of dental treatment are? At Emerald Coast Consultants we specialize in all things dental and help dental practice owners all around the Pensacola community to establish and build more successful practices. Today we’d like to cover some of the post-treatment recovery issues patients may face when receiving dental care in Pensacola, FL.


Although most dental treatment options aim at reducing complications, there are instances where treatment can result in infection. This can be due to numerous factors, including post-treatment aftercare. We recommend always following all directions provided by your dentist in Pensacola. If you experience pain persisting more than 3 days, have a fever or notice any signs of infection we recommend that you immediately contact your dentist for a follow-up appointment. Although infections often are not serious, sepsis can occur which unfortunately is life-threatening.


Bleeding is another common occurrence following dental treatment. However, it should not persist. If you notice that your mouth is still bleeding hours after your treatment, we recommend contacting your dentist. If you notice any bleeding in the days prior, we also recommend contacting your dentist. Additional stitches or sutures may need to be placed in order to close the opening in your mouth and properly stop the bleeding. Exercise, smoking and even using straws can increase your risk of bleeding. We recommend avoiding such activities until you are fully healed.


Although advancements in dentistry have made most treatments completely painless, many patients do experience residual pain following their procedure. Your dentist will provide post-treatment instructions and medication to help reduce your swelling, discomfort, and pain. Resting and avoiding strenuous activity can be extremely beneficial when it comes to healing and reducing pain. If you are experiencing severe pain following your dental treatment, we recommend contacting your dentist in Pensacola. They can help to address your discomfort and make sure that no serious complications are occurring due to your treatment.

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