4 Ways to Attract Millennials into Your Practice

4 Ways to Attract Millennials into Your Practice

Dec 12, 2018

Are you a dental consultant looking for new ways to bring in new patients? Well, each age group will require different marketing tactics. For instance, millennials can best be reached by utilizing technology and social media.

Use Technology to Get in Touch

Millennials have lived through the technology boom. They remember when things were still old school—using VCR’s and dial-up. However, they have also seen all of the advancements in technology as well. They are the perfect age to have lived in both worlds, but their desire for convenience outweighs their nostalgia. Technology is very convenient. For instance, you are most likely to get through to a patient than if you were to call. In fact, many millennials will not answer the phone if they do not recognize the number and many don’t even have their voicemailboxes set up or they are full.

Be Active on Social Media

Again, the concept of convenience is something that is valuable to millennials. Millennials live very busy lifestyles. In fact, their schedules are often so busy that they might not even think to schedule routine dentist appointments, or they push them off. If you have a social media presence, you are able to showcase your staff, happy patients, and what makes your dentist office unique. Using platforms such as Twitter, Facebook, and Instagram is going to give you the most exposure. Potential pa

A tip: Always use images when you post on social media. Viewers are not interested in boring blocks of text. Use engaging images to capture their attention and then keep the textual information short and to the point.

Practice Search Engine Optimization

Search engine optimization, or SEO, is a useful tool for bringing millennials into your practice. With millennials, marketing techniques such as postcards or billboards are not very efficient. When finding a place to go, many millennials will opt for whatever pops up first when the Google dentist office near me. Search engine optimization makes your web content easy to search and will result in your webpage being toward the top of that search. You want to aim to at least make the first page because many people do not search beyond that point.